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1250uL Universal Grad tip, Bulk, 500 tips

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CAT ID: XB-1250

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

Oxford Lab Products - Pipette Tips - XB-1250 (XB-1250)

1250uL Universal Grad tip, Bulk, 500 tips

Product Description:

These 1250uL Universal Grad tips by Oxford Lab Products are available in a bulk package of 500 tips. Designed for precise liquid handling, these tips offer compatibility with a wide range of pipettes, making them a versatile choice for various laboratory applications. The graduation marks on the tips allow for easy visual confirmation of the liquid volume, enhancing accuracy during pipetting tasks.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these tips ensure reliable performance and prevent sample contamination, crucial for maintaining the integrity of your experiments or procedures. Whether working with aqueous solutions, oils, or other liquids, these universal grad tips provide a secure fit and seal to prevent any leakage or wastage of valuable samples.

Ideal for research labs, scientific facilities, medical institutions, and more, these bulk Universal Grad tips offer convenience and efficiency in pipetting processes, ultimately saving time and reducing the margin of error. Upgrade your lab setup with these reliable, user-friendly tips to streamline your liquid handling tasks and achieve consistent results with ease.

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