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Scientific Industries Roto-Shake Genie

Scientific Industries, the maker of the Vortex Genie, combines rocking and rotating in one rugged and versatile design.


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Scientific Industries Non-Skid Tray for Roto-Shake Genie | The Non-Skid Tray for the Roto-Shake Genie attaches to the Magnetic Platform (Part No. 0A-1100-030) to rock open containers | 305 x 305mm Measurements | 1 per Pack

$88.02 $74.82
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Scientific Industries Stackable Tray for Roto-Shake Genie | An optional tall non-skid metal tray can be stacked on Roto-Shake Genies existing tray to rock containers, increasing the capacity for rocking by double-stacking two trays | Measures 305 x 305mm | CAN ONLY be stacked on the non-skid tray (0A-1100-070, not included)

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3-D Orbital Shaker Attachment for Roto-Shake Genie

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Scientific Industries Roto-Shake Genie Lab Rotator and Rocker | Analog Controls | 5-35rpm Rotating Speed | Rocking Angle ± 10° from Horizontal | Includes magnetic platform (Part No. SI-1320), 1 clip plate each for 10-13mm tubes, 15-17mm tubes, and 28-30mm tubes (Part Nos. SI-1123, SI-1124 and SI-1125, respectively), 4 magnetic bag mounting strips (Part No. 0M-1126-201) and non-skid tray (Part No.

$1,322.71 $1,058.17
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Product Description:

Scientific Industries, the maker of the Vortex Genie, combines rocking and rotating in one rugged and versatile design.

Scientific Industries Roto-Shake Genie Brochure

Scientific Industries Roto-Shake Genie User Manual

Technical Specifications

Rotating 5-35 rpm
Rocking 10-70 cycles per minute
Rocking Angle ±10 degrees from horizontal
Platform Capacity 4.5 Kg (10 lb)
Product Weight 11.8 Kg (26 lb)
Environmental “Installation Category 2” 0-38°C (32-100°F) 95% maximum relative humidity
Markings CE

Features & Benefits:

  • Combines rocking & rotating in one compact & versatile unit
  • Rocking tray accommodates large open containers
  • Magnetic strips secure sealed bags for completely uniform soaking & washing
  • Optional 3-D Orbital attachment transforms the unit into an orbital shaker
  • Easily cleaned or decontaminated
  • Magnetic stainless steel platform may be easily set to rock or rotate almost any container
  • A variety of attachments are available to provide maximum application versatility
  • Optional Horizontal Orbital Attachment is ideal for Western Blots & maintaining cells or solutions in suspension
  • May be used in cold rooms & incubators between 0-38°C

Roto-Shake Genie Attachments

Fig. Cat. No. Description
1 SI-1123 1 Clip Plate for 12 each 10-13mm tubes
2 SI-1124 1 Clip Plate for 6 each 15-17mm tubes 11
3 SI-1125 1 Clip Plate for 3 each 28-30mm tubes
4 SI-1120 6 Clip Plates for 12 each 10-13mm tubes
5 SI-1121 6 Clip Plates for 6 each 15-17mm tubes
6 SI-1122 6 Clip Plates for 3 each 28-30mm tubes
7 SI-1126 Bag Mounting Strips (pack of 16)
8 SI-1127 Expansion Kit - two stainless steel trays, 24 bag mounting strips
9 SI-1130 2 Clip Plates for Hybridization Tubes
10 SI-1134 2 Universal Clip Plates
11 SI-1135 1 Magnetic Covered 100 Microtube Box
12 SI-1136 1 Clip Plate for 100ml Volumetric Flasks
13 0A-1100-070 Non-Skid Tray
14 SI-1150 3-D Orbital Shaker Attachment
15 SI-1175 Horizontal Orbital Shaker Attachment
16 SI-1170 Stackable Tray
17 SI-1137 Dual Port Mixing Tube (*)
Plasticware, glassware & other consumable products shown are not included
(*) Requires SI-1130


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