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Capp384 Multichannel pipettes, 24-channel, 0.5-10 ul

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CAPP - C10-24

Capp384 Multichannel pipettes, 24-channel, 0.5-10 ul

Product Description:

The Capp384 Multichannel Pipette by Oxford Lab Products features 24 channels and a volume range of 0.5-10 μl. This pipette is designed to streamline pipetting tasks in high-throughput environments, offering precision and efficiency. The 24-channel configuration allows for simultaneous dispensing of liquids into multiple wells, increasing productivity and reducing the time required for repetitive pipetting.

With a volume range of 0.5-10 μl, this pipette is suitable for various applications in molecular biology, biochemistry, and pharmaceutical research where small volumes of liquids need to be dispensed accurately. The ergonomic design ensures user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, minimizing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Ideal for laboratories handling large-scale experiments, the Capp384 Multichannel Pipette is a reliable tool that helps maintain consistency in liquid handling processes. Whether used in academic research, pharmaceutical development, or diagnostic testing, this pipette offers the precision and convenience required for efficient and accurate pipetting tasks.

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