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Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette, 2-20ul

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CONDITION: Refurbished

CAT ID: C20-12R

MFR PART #: C20-12

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Weight: 2 lbs

CAPP - Pipettes - C20-12R (Certified Refurbished)

Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette, 2-20ul

Product Description:

The Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette in the 2-20ul range offers precision and versatility for handling liquids in various laboratory applications. With its ergonomic design, this pipette ensures comfortable handling during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing user fatigue. The 12-channel configuration allows for efficient multi-well plate work, increasing productivity in high-throughput environments.

The CAPP Aero pipette guarantees accuracy and reproducibility, crucial for consistent results in experiments. Its lightweight construction and intuitive operation make it suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners in the lab. The 2-20ul volume range accommodates a wide range of liquid handling needs, enabling flexibility in experiment setups.

This CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette is a reliable tool for molecular biology, microbiology, and other life science disciplines requiring precise liquid measurements. Whether working on PCR, ELISA, or other applications, this pipette is a valuable asset for any laboratory seeking efficiency and accuracy in liquid handling tasks.


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