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CAPP - Pipettes - C300-12R (Certified Refurbished)

Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette, 30-300ul

Product Description:

The Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette is a reliable tool for precise liquid handling in laboratories. With a volume range of 30-300ul, this pipette offers versatility suitable for various applications. The 12-channel design allows for efficient multi-dispensing, saving time and effort during experiments.

This pipette is designed for comfort and ease of use, featuring an ergonomic construction that reduces hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions. The lightweight build further enhances user experience, promoting accuracy and precision in pipetting tasks.

The CAPP Aero 12-channel Pipette is a valuable asset for high-throughput labs, where quick and accurate dispensing is crucial. Whether in research, diagnostics, or pharmaceutical settings, this pipette ensures consistent results with minimal error margin. Elevate your pipetting performance with this Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero pipette, a cost-effective solution for your lab's liquid handling needs.


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