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CAPP - Pipettes - C300-8R (Certified Refurbished)

Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 8-channel Pipette, 30-300ul

Product Description:

The Certified Refurbished CAPP Aero 8-channel Pipette is a reliable tool for precise liquid handling in the laboratory. With a volume range of 30-300ul, this pipette offers versatility for various applications. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable pipetting, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The CAPP Aero 8-channel Pipette is calibrated to deliver accurate and consistent results, making it ideal for high-throughput experiments. Whether you are working with samples in microplates or other multi-well formats, this pipette streamlines the pipetting process, increasing efficiency in your workflow. Trust in the quality and performance of the CAPP Aero 8-channel Pipette for your multi-channel pipetting needs.


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