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Aero Single Channel Pipette, 20-200 uL, Yellow

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CAT ID: C200-1

MFR PART #: C200-1

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Weight: 2.5 lbs

CAPP - Pipettes - C200-1

Aero Single Channel Pipette, 20-200 uL, Yellow

Product Description:

The yellow CAPP Aero Single Channel Pipette offers a volume range of 20-200 uL, ideal for precise liquid handling in various laboratory applications. This pipette ensures accurate and consistent dispensing, enhancing experimental reproducibility. The ergonomic design reduces user strain during prolonged pipetting sessions, promoting comfort and efficiency. The lightweight construction enables easy handling, contributing to user dexterity and minimizing user fatigue. The single-channel configuration allows for focused liquid transfer, perfect for tasks requiring attention to detail. The CAPP Aero pipette is a reliable instrument, suitable for routine pipetting tasks in research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories. Trust in CAPP's quality craftsmanship to meet your pipetting needs with precision and reliability.


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