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EVO Pipette, 8-channel, 0.5-10 ul

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CAT ID: AE8-10

MFR PART #: AE8-10

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AccuPet - Pipettes - AE8-10

EVO Pipette, 8-channel, 0.5-10 ul

Product Description:

The AccuPet EVO 8-channel pipette with a volume range of 0.5-10 ul is a highly precise tool for liquid handling in various laboratory applications. This ergonomic pipette offers enhanced accuracy and reproducibility, making it ideal for high-throughput screening, PCR setup, and drug discovery processes. The 8-channel design allows for simultaneous multi-dispensing, saving time and increasing efficiency during experiments. The EVO pipette features a comfortable finger hook for easy handling and reduced user fatigue during prolonged pipetting sessions. With its user-friendly operation and reliable performance, the AccuPet EVO 8-channel pipette is a valuable asset for life science research, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories.


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