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10uL Narrow Universal Grad tip, Bulk, 1000 tips

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Oxford Lab Products - Pipette Tips - XB-10N (XB-10N)

10uL Narrow Universal Grad tip, Bulk, 1000 tips

Product Description:

These Oxford Lab Products 10uL Narrow Universal Grad tips, available in a bulk package of 1000 tips, are designed to provide precise and accurate liquid handling. The narrow tips ensure compatibility with a wide range of pipettes, offering versatility in various laboratory settings. These tips are ideal for applications requiring a smaller volume capacity, such as PCR and molecular biology experiments. The universal graduation markings on the tips allow for easy visualization and confirmation of the dispensed volumes, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors during pipetting. Stocking up on these high-quality tips in bulk not only ensures continuity in your work but also represents a cost-effective solution for laboratories with high pipetting demands. Trust in the reliability and performance of Oxford Lab Products for your laboratory's liquid handling needs.

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