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Pro Single Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette, 2-20 uL

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AccuPet - Pipettes - AP-20

Pro Single Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette, 2-20 uL

Product Description:

The AccuPet Pro Single Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette is designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory setting. With a volume range of 2-20 uL, this micropipette offers accuracy and reliability for various applications. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing user fatigue.

This micropipette allows for easy volume adjustment with a smooth plunger movement, facilitating efficient pipetting. The single-channel design enables targeted dispensing, ideal for tasks that require precision and repeatability. The air-displacement technology ensures that liquids are aspirated and dispensed accurately, minimizing the risk of contamination between samples.

Whether you are working in research, diagnostics, or any other laboratory environment, the AccuPet Pro Micropipette is a valuable tool for ensuring reproducibility in your experiments. Invest in this micropipette for dependable performance and enhance your workflow with its user-friendly features.


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