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AccuPet - Pipettes - AP-200

Pro Single Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette, 20-200 uL

Product Description:

The AccuPet Pro Single Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette offers precise and accurate liquid handling in the range of 20-200uL. This micropipette is designed for seamless operation, ensuring reliable performance in various laboratory applications. With its air-displacement technology, it allows for smooth and consistent pipetting, reducing the risk of errors.

The ergonomic design of the AccuPet Pro Micropipette ensures user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions. The easy-to-use volume adjustment mechanism enables quick and effortless volume setting, enhancing efficiency in the lab. This micropipette is suitable for a wide range of applications, including molecular biology, microbiology, and pharmaceutical research.

Benefit from the high-quality construction of the AccuPet Pro Micropipette, which guarantees durability and long-term performance. Whether you are working with aqueous solutions or viscous liquids, this micropipette delivers reliable and accurate results consistently. Enhance your pipetting experience with the AccuPet Pro Single Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette for precise liquid handling in the 20-200uL range.


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