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AccuPet Accuhelp - Blue Motorized Pipette Controller

Accuhelp - Blue Motorized Pipette Controller

Product Description:

The Accuhelp Blue Motorized Pipette Controller by AccuPet offers precise pipetting control for efficient liquid handling in the laboratory. With its motorized feature, this pipette controller allows for effortless aspiration and dispensing of liquids, reducing user fatigue during long pipetting sessions. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, making it ideal for routine pipetting tasks.

This pipette controller is compatible with a wide range of glass and plastic pipettes, providing versatility for various applications such as cell culture work, molecular biology, and biochemistry procedures. The adjustable speed settings enable customization based on the viscosity of the liquid being dispensed, ensuring accuracy in volume delivery.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Accuhelp Motorized Pipette Controller features a reliable lithium-ion battery that offers long-lasting performance, eliminating the need for frequent recharging. The bright blue color adds a touch of style to the laboratory workspace while maintaining a professional look.

Enhance your pipetting experience with the Accuhelp Blue Motorized Pipette Controller, a reliable and efficient tool for precision liquid handling tasks in the lab.


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