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Origami 40 mL Reservoir (12-Channel Pipettes), Bag of 50, BNW

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CAPP Origami 40 mL Reservoir (12-Channel Pipettes), Bag of 50, BNW

Origami 40 mL Reservoir (12-Channel Pipettes), Bag of 50, BNW

Product Description:

Origami 40 mL Reservoirs designed for 12-Channel Pipettes come in a convenient bag of 50 units. Manufactured by CAPP, these reservoirs offer precise and efficient liquid handling capabilities in laboratory settings. Each reservoir has a user-friendly design that ensures compatibility with 12-channel pipettes, making multi-channel pipetting tasks more manageable and accurate.

With a generous volume capacity of 40 mL, these reservoirs can accommodate a wide range of liquid samples while minimizing the need for constant refills during experiments. The reservoirs are made of high-quality materials to maintain sample integrity and prevent contamination, crucial for reliable results in various applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, or clinical diagnostics.

The Origami 40 mL Reservoirs by CAPP are an essential accessory for any lab utilizing 12-channel pipettes, offering durability, efficiency, and precision in liquid handling tasks. Stocking up with a bag of 50 units ensures that your workflow remains uninterrupted, allowing you to focus on your research or testing procedures without the hassle of constant replacements.

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