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Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Single Channel Pipettes

Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Single Channel Pipettes

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As the leader in liquid handling, we are proud to introduce the new Finnpipette Novus, a pipette that combines simplicity, comfort and functionality in an exceptionally intuitive ergonomic design. Built on the results of recent independent ergonomics studies, and customer feedback, the new Finnpipette Novus gives you the power to reach the highest level of pipetting performance.It has brightest and clearest graphical backlit display. The Finnpipette Novus is the first electronic pipette in the world to have this new feature, which uses similar backlight technology to that of mobile phones. By eliminating surrounding light reflections and improving contrast in low light conditions such as safety cabinets and fume hoods, the integral backlit display ensures that the high-resolution menu characters are shown with more clarity than ever before. The addition of the backlight feature - together with Thermo’s market-leading two year warranty for all its electronic pipettes - means that the Finnpipette Novus range is now even more user friendly, improving productivity, precision, ergonomic operation and peace-of-mind. Simple, comfortable, adjustable, light, powerful Finnpipette Novus has a two level intuitive menu for simple control, and this is extremely easy to use thanks to its fully graphical text display. The instantly familiar text guided graphical user interface and simple button layout let you choose all the pipetting functions you need quickly and easily. See more

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