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Oxford Lab Products - Pipettes - OB8-10

BenchMate MuLtichannel Pipette 8 channel, 0.5-10 uL

Product Description:

The BenchMate Multi-channel Pipette by Oxford Lab Products is a versatile tool designed for efficient and precise liquid handling in the laboratory. This 8-channel pipette offers a volume range of 0.5-10 µL, ideal for high-throughput applications such as PCR setup, ELISA, and serial dilutions.

With its ergonomic design and light operation force, this pipette ensures user comfort during prolonged pipetting sessions, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The easy-to-adjust volume setting mechanism allows for quick and accurate volume selection, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Featuring high accuracy and precision, the BenchMate Multi-channel Pipette guarantees reliable and reproducible results, crucial for experiments requiring consistency. The durable construction of the pipette ensures long-term performance and stability, making it a valuable addition to any modern laboratory setting.

Invest in the BenchMate Multi-channel Pipette for seamless multi-dispensing tasks, increased productivity, and dependable liquid handling capabilities in your lab.


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