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1250microL Universal Grad tip, Rack, 96 tips X 6 racks X 5 packs

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CAT ID: XR-1250C

MFR PART #: XR-1250

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Oxford Lab Products - Pipette Tips - XR-1250C (XR-1250)

1250microL Universal Grad tip, Rack, 96 tips X 6 racks X 5 packs

Product Description:

The 1250microL Universal Grad tip by Oxford Lab Products comes in a convenient packaging of 96 tips per rack, with 6 racks per pack and a total of 5 packs. These tips are designed to provide accurate and precise liquid handling for a variety of laboratory applications. The universal compatibility of the tips makes them suitable for a wide range of pipettes, offering versatility in the lab. The graduated markings on the tips allow for easy volume identification, enhancing efficiency during experiments. With high-quality construction, these tips ensure reliable performance and reduce the risk of contamination.

Key Features:

- Volume: 1250microL

- Universal compatibility

- Graduated for easy volume identification

- High-quality construction

- Reduces risk of contamination

- Convenient packaging: 96 tips per rack, 6 racks per pack, 5 packs total

Ideal for laboratories conducting routine liquid handling tasks, the 1250microL Universal Grad tip offers a reliable solution for accurate pipetting needs. Enhance your workflow and experimental precision with these quality tips from Oxford Lab Products.


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