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Picus 2 Electronic pipette, 1-ch, 5-120uL

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CAT ID: LH-747041

MFR PART #: LH-747041

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Weight: 2 lbs

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Sartorius - Picus 2, 1-ch, 5-120uL

Picus 2 Electronic pipette, 1-ch, 5-120uL

Product Description:

The Sartorius Picus 2 Electronic Single-Channel Pipette in the 5-120uL range is a precision instrument designed to streamline pipetting tasks in the laboratory. With its electronic functionality, it offers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, ensuring reliable results across various applications. The 1-channel configuration allows for focused and efficient liquid handling.

This electronic pipette features a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation, making it suitable for both experienced researchers and beginners. The ergonomic design reduces hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions, enhancing user comfort and productivity.

The adjustable volume range of 5-120uL caters to a wide range of pipetting needs, from small-scale assays to larger sample transfers. This versatility makes the Picus 2 ideal for various research settings, including molecular biology, cell culture, and more.

Overall, the Sartorius Picus 2 Electronic Single-Channel Pipette combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, making it a valuable tool for scientists and technicians seeking precision and efficiency in their liquid handling processes.

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