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Picus 2 Electronic pipette, 12-ch, 10-300uL

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CAT ID: LH-747461

MFR PART #: LH-747461

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Weight: 2 lbs

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Sartorius - Picus 2, 12-ch, 10-300uL

Picus 2 Electronic pipette, 12-ch, 10-300uL

Product Description:

The Sartorius Picus 2 Electronic Pipette is designed with a 12-channel configuration and a volume range of 10-300uL. This advanced pipette offers highly precise and accurate liquid handling for increased efficiency in your lab work. The electronic functionality allows for easy programming and customization of dispensing parameters, reducing user strain and human errors.

With a user-friendly interface and ergonomic design, the Picus 2 ensures comfortable operation during prolonged pipetting sessions. The 12-channel capability enables simultaneous transfer of multiple samples, saving valuable time for high-throughput applications like PCR setup, ELISA, or drug screening.

Equipped with intelligent features such as adjustable tip spacing and multiple dispensing modes, this electronic pipette provides versatility to accommodate various experimental needs. The Sartorius Picus 2 is a reliable companion for laboratories requiring precision, speed, and ease of use in their liquid handling processes.

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