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MHS-10L Accessory -- Quarter reaction block 12 x 4 ml

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Oxford Lab Products - MHS-B4

MHS-10L Accessory -- Quarter reaction block 12 x 4 ml

Product Description:

The MHS-10L Accessory Quarter Reaction Block by Oxford Lab Products is designed to accommodate 12 tubes of 4 ml each. This specialized block provides a convenient and efficient way to perform reactions in a controlled environment. It ensures uniform heating or cooling of samples, contributing to the accuracy and reproducibility of experiments.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Quarter Reaction Block guarantees durability and stability during operation. It is compatible with the MHS-10L model, seamlessly integrating into your existing equipment setup. This accessory is ideal for laboratories conducting various biochemical, molecular biology, or pharmaceutical applications that require precise temperature control.

With the MHS-10L Accessory Quarter Reaction Block, researchers and technicians can streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and achieve consistent results. Enhance the functionality of your MHS-10L equipment with this reliable accessory, empowering your laboratory to meet the demands of modern scientific research effectively.

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