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EZ Pack Agarose Tablets, pack of 1000 tablets (500g)

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CAT ID: A2505

MFR PART #: A2505

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Weight: 2 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - A2505

EZ Pack Agarose Tablets, pack of 1000 tablets (500g)

Product Description:

The EZ Pack Agarose Tablets by Benchmark Scientific come in a convenient pack of 1000 tablets, weighing 500g in total. These agarose tablets offer ease of use and reliable performance in various laboratory applications. Ideal for gel electrophoresis procedures, the agarose tablets provide consistent gel formation with high resolution separation of nucleic acids.

With these tablets, preparing agarose gels is simplified as they dissolve quickly and evenly, ensuring homogenous gel matrices for accurate results. The high-quality agarose used in these tablets guarantees low background noise and excellent band clarity.

Whether working with DNA fragments, RNA, or proteins, these agarose tablets are versatile and efficient for a wide range of molecular biology techniques. They are suitable for routine laboratory use, research experiments, educational purposes, and more.

Overall, the EZ Pack Agarose Tablets offer convenience, quality, and performance, making them a valuable addition to any laboratory setting where nucleic acid separation and analysis are conducted.


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