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Accuris High Fidelity Hot Start Master Mix, sample, 5 rxns

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Benchmark Scientific - PR1001-HFHS-S

Accuris High Fidelity Hot Start Master Mix, sample, 5 rxns

Product Description:

The Accuris High Fidelity Hot Start Master Mix by Benchmark Scientific is designed to provide exceptional accuracy and consistency in PCR reactions. This sample size package is sufficient for 5 reactions, making it ideal for small-scale experiments or laboratories with low throughput. The Hot Start technology ensures specific and efficient amplification by preventing non-specific binding and primer-dimer formation at room temperature.

With this master mix, users can expect high sensitivity and reproducibility in their PCR assays, leading to reliable results. The convenient sample size minimizes waste and reduces the risk of contamination, ultimately saving time and resources. This product is a valuable tool for researchers and technicians working in molecular biology, genetics, and various other life science disciplines where PCR is a common technique. Enhance the quality of your PCR experiments with the Accuris High Fidelity Hot Start Master Mix.


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