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384 Well Tissue C uLture Plate with Lid Individual Sterile 50 Per Pack

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CAT ID: 229138

MFR PART #: 229138

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CELLTREAT - 229138

384 Well Tissue C uLture Plate with Lid Individual Sterile 50 Per Pack

Product Description:

The CELLTREAT 384 Well Tissue Culture Plate provides a convenient solution for high-throughput cell culture applications. Each plate comes individually sterile with a matching lid to prevent contamination. This pack contains 50 plates, making it suitable for larger experiments. The 384 well format allows for increased experimental efficiency by accommodating multiple samples simultaneously.

Constructed with high-quality materials, these plates are reliable and offer consistent performance. The sterile nature of the plates ensures the integrity of your cell cultures, promoting accurate results. The inclusion of lids adds an extra layer of protection, maintaining the purity of the samples throughout the process.

Ideal for research laboratories, academic institutions, and biotech companies, these tissue culture plates optimize workflow and streamline processes. Whether used for drug screening, cell-based assays, or cell maintenance, the CELLTREAT 384 Well Tissue Culture Plate with Lid offers a reliable platform for various cell culture needs. Engage in efficient and controlled cell culture practices with these convenient and high-quality plates.


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