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WHEATON Plastic shaker flask clamps for 125mL shake flask, 1 per Case

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Weight: 8 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences LLC - WPSFC0125

WHEATON Plastic shaker flask clamps for 125mL shake flask, 1 per Case

Product Description:

WHEATON Plastic shaker flask clamps by DWK Life Sciences LLC are designed to securely hold 125mL shake flasks during shaking processes. Each case contains one clamp for convenient use in laboratory settings. These clamps provide a reliable grip to prevent flask slippage and ensure stability during agitation. The plastic construction of the clamps makes them lightweight yet durable for repeated usage. Compatible specifically with 125mL shake flasks, these clamps are essential for various shaking applications such as culturing, mixing, or production processes. Facilitating a hands-free operation, these clamps enable efficient and consistent shaking without the need for constant manual intervention. Upgrade your laboratory setup with WHEATON Plastic shaker flask clamps to streamline your shaking procedures and enhance workflow efficiency.


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