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Calibra 822 Digital Micropipette 2-20, 1 Channel

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MFR PART #: 851163

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Weight: 1.1 lbs

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DWK Life Sciences - Pipettes - SC-20

Calibra 822 Digital Micropipette 2-20, 1 Channel

Product Description:

The Calibra 822 Digital Micropipette by DWK Life Sciences (Socorex) is a reliable instrument designed for precise liquid handling in the laboratory. This 1-channel micropipette has a volume range of 2-20 µl, making it ideal for various applications requiring small volumes of liquids. The digital display ensures easy volume monitoring and adjustment, enhancing accuracy and reproducibility in pipetting tasks.

With its user-friendly design and ergonomic grip, the Calibra 822 promotes comfortable pipetting over extended periods, reducing user fatigue. The high-quality construction of the micropipette guarantees durability and longevity, making it a valuable tool for routine laboratory work.

Whether performing assays, PCR preparations, or general pipetting tasks, the Calibra 822 Digital Micropipette delivers consistent and reliable results. Invest in this precision instrument to streamline your pipetting workflow and achieve precise liquid handling in your lab.


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