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Capillary and Pistons, 200 Tips

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MFR PART #: F148114

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Gilson Capillary and Pistons, 200 Tips

Capillary and Pistons, 200 Tips

Product Description:

Gilson's Capillary and Pistons set includes 200 tips designed for precise liquid handling applications. Made by a reputable manufacturer in the industry, these capillary tips ensure accuracy and reliability in your laboratory work. The set is compatible with Gilson pipettes, guaranteeing a seamless fit for efficient pipetting tasks.

These capillary tips are ideal for various applications such as molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research, and more. They offer a secure attachment to the pipette, reducing the risk of leaks or contamination during procedures. The high-quality materials used in crafting these tips make them durable and resistant to chemicals, enhancing their longevity in the lab setting.

With Gilson's Capillary and Pistons set, you can achieve consistent and reproducible results, thanks to the precision engineering that goes into each tip. Whether you are handling small volumes or working with viscous samples, these capillary tips provide the performance and accuracy required for successful experimentation. Upgrade your liquid handling capabilities with Gilson's reliable Capillary and Pistons set for seamless pipetting experiences.


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