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Culture Tube, PS, 14mL, 18x95mm, Sterile, w/ Snap (Vent) Cap - (750 Total)

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CAT ID: 191161

MFR PART #: 191161

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Weight: 15 lbs

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Greiner Bio-One North America, IncTubes, Vials and Plastics - 191161

Culture Tube, PS, 14mL, 18x95mm, Sterile, w/ Snap (Vent) Cap - (750 Total)

Product Description:

These 14mL Greiner Bio-One North America Culture Tubes are a valuable asset in any laboratory setting. Made of premium-quality polystyrene, each tube measures 18x95mm, offering ample volume for various applications. The tubes come pre-sterilized for immediate use, ensuring aseptic conditions.

Equipped with convenient snap (vent) caps, these culture tubes provide a secure closure that allows for controlled ventilation when necessary. With a total of 750 tubes included, this pack is ideal for high-throughput experiments and long-term storage needs.

Whether for sample collection, storage, or culturing purposes, these sterile culture tubes offer reliability and ease of use. Count on the quality and precision of Greiner Bio-One North America products to meet your laboratory requirements efficiently.


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