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60W HLA (Terasaki) Plate, TC Treated, Clear, w/1 Lid per Plate - 120 Pcs X 4 Packs (480 Total)

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CAT ID: 653190

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Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc - 653190

60W HLA (Terasaki) Plate, TC Treated, Clear, w/1 Lid per Plate - 120 Pcs X 4 Packs (480 Total)

Product Description:

The 60W HLA (Terasaki) Plate by Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc is designed for use in laboratory settings. These plates come in a set of 120 pieces, divided into 4 packs, with each pack containing 1 plate and 1 lid. The plates are TC treated to ensure optimal cell adhesion and growth.

These clear plates are ideal for various cell culture applications, including histocompatibility testing. The transparent nature of the plate allows for easy monitoring and observation of cell cultures without the need to open the lid, reducing the risk of contamination.

Made with high-quality materials, these plates offer reliable performance and consistency in results. The 60W HLA (Terasaki) Plate is a valuable addition to any laboratory conducting cell-based assays or research requiring cell culture techniques. Upgrade your lab with these user-friendly plates that provide convenience and efficiency in cell culture experiments.


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