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72W HLA (Terasaki) Plate, TC Treated, Clear, w/1 Lid per Plate - 10 Pcs X 27 Packs (270 Total)

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CAT ID: 654180

MFR PART #: 654180

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Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc - 654180

72W HLA (Terasaki) Plate, TC Treated, Clear, w/1 Lid per Plate - 10 Pcs X 27 Packs (270 Total)

Product Description:

The Greiner Bio-One North America 72-Well HLA (Terasaki) Plate is designed for tissue typing applications in immunohematology. These tissue culture treated (TC) plates come in a clear color and include one lid per plate for convenience. This pack contains 10 plates with 72 wells each, totaling to 270 wells in 27 packs.

The TC treatment ensures consistent cell attachment and growth, making these plates reliable for various laboratory procedures. The clear design allows for easy monitoring and assessment of cell cultures without the need to remove the lid, minimizing potential contamination risks.

With a well-established reputation for quality and precision, Greiner Bio-One North America delivers a product that meets the demanding requirements of HLA testing and other related applications. These plates provide a stable platform for accurate and reproducible results, essential in research and diagnostic settings. Streamline your laboratory workflow with these HLA plates, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your daily operations.


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