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96-Well Bioprinting Kit, Black microClear Plates

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CAT ID: 655841

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Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc - 655841

96-Well Bioprinting Kit, Black microClear Plates

Product Description:

The 96-Well Bioprinting Kit by Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc features black microClear Plates, ideal for precise and high-throughput cell culture applications. These plates are designed to provide excellent imaging quality and compatibility with various automated systems. The black color of the plates enhances fluorescence signals and reduces background noise, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

With a 96-well format, this kit allows for parallel processing of multiple samples, increasing efficiency in bioprinting workflows. The microClear Plates are characterized by low autofluorescence and exceptional optical clarity, promoting optimal cell growth and imaging conditions. Researchers and laboratory professionals can benefit from the convenience and performance of this kit for a wide range of cell-based assays, drug screening, and other biological applications.

Incorporating these black microClear Plates into your laboratory processes can streamline experimentation, enhance data quality, and support advanced bioprinting techniques. Trust in the quality and precision of Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc's 96-Well Bioprinting Kit to advance your research and experimentation with confidence.


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