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6-Well Bio-Assembler Kit

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CAT ID: 657840

MFR PART #: 657840

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Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc - 657840

6-Well Bio-Assembler Kit

Product Description:

The 6-Well Bio-Assembler Kit by Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc is designed for efficient cell culturing and experimentation. This kit includes a 6-well plate that allows for multiple samples to be processed simultaneously, enhancing productivity. The wells are made of high-quality material ensuring uniform cell growth and easy observation under a microscope.

With this kit, researchers can conveniently conduct various assays, drug screenings, and cell studies within a controlled environment. The dimensions of the wells are optimized for compatibility with most laboratory equipment, providing versatility in research applications. The durable construction of the kit ensures stability during handling and transportation.

Ideal for tissue engineering, drug development, and other cell biology research, the 6-Well Bio-Assembler Kit streamlines processes, minimizes contamination risks, and promotes consistent results. It is a valuable tool for scientists looking to accelerate their research with reliable and standardized cell culture systems.


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