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384-Well BiO Assay Kit & Imaging System

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Greiner Bio-One 384-Well BiO Assay Kit & Imaging System

384-Well BiO Assay Kit & Imaging System

Product Description:

The 384-Well BiO Assay Kit & Imaging System by Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. provides a comprehensive solution for high-throughput screening and imaging applications. This kit includes a 384-well plate designed for efficient sample handling, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. The imaging system integrated into the kit allows for the visualization and analysis of samples with ease.

With the 384-well format, this kit maximizes productivity by allowing simultaneous processing of multiple samples, saving time and resources. The well-plate is made of high-quality materials to prevent cross-contamination and maintain sample integrity throughout the experiment. The imaging system offers high-resolution images for accurate data collection and analysis.

Ideal for research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions, the 384-Well BiO Assay Kit & Imaging System simplifies complex assay procedures and enhances efficiency in data acquisition. Trust in Greiner Bio-One's reputation for excellence in providing innovative solutions for life science applications.

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