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Labnet - Pipettes - LNB-20

Labnet Biopette E Single Channel Electronic Pipette 2 To 20uL
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Product Description:

Labnet Biopette E Single Channel Electronic Pipette 2 To 20uL

The BioPette E Electronic Pipette is fully motorized to eliminate the hand strain associated with repetitive operation. A high precision stepping motor controls piston action resulting in exceptional acuracy and precision and much lower pipetting forces. Accuracy and Precision Accuracy is further enhanced by a state-of-the-art microprocessor which controls the action of the stepping motor. An optical coupler monitors the plunger position to ensure that movement exactly the same every time. The BioPette E is self-calibrating. As soon as you pick up the BioPette E, you will notice how naturally it fits in your hand. The unit is unexpecetedly lightweight and well balanced. The plunger button is easily accessed by the index finger, while the other fingers tuck in comfortably under the finger rest. A small, natural movement of the index finger is all that is required to activate the plunger, virtually eliminating hand stress. The tip ejector slides easily with minimal effort from the thumb. Angled toward the user, the large LCD is clear and easy to read, with all active functions and battery status displayed.


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