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SafetySpace Tip 5-300ul Filtered, ST (10x96), Prs

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CAT ID: 790301F

MFR PART #: 790301F

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Weight: 2 lbs

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Sartorius - 790301F

SafetySpace Tip 5-300ul Filtered, ST (10x96), Prs

Product Description:

The SafetySpace Tip 5-300ul Filtered by Sartorius is designed to offer precise and accurate liquid handling in laboratory settings. This pack contains 10 racks with 96 tips each, totaling 960 tips. With a volume range of 5-300ul, these tips provide versatility for various applications. The integrated filters ensure contamination-free pipetting, crucial for sensitive procedures that require utmost purity.

The unique design of the SafetySpace Tip prevents liquid retention, reducing sample waste and the risk of cross-contamination between different samples. The Sterile (ST) attribute adds an extra layer of safety in critical experiments. These tips are compatible with a wide range of single and multi-channel pipettes, offering flexibility in pipetting instruments.

Whether you are working with PCR, qPCR, or other molecular biology techniques, the SafetySpace Tip 5-300ul Filtered enables reliable and consistent results. Trust in Sartorius quality for your pipetting needs and ensure precision in every step of your laboratory workflow.

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