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Analytical Guard Column, PRP-X200, Cation Exchange

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CAT ID: 79288

MFR PART #: 79288

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Weight: 5 lbs

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79288

Analytical Guard Column, PRP-X200, Cation Exchange

Product Description:

The Hamilton Analytical Guard Column featuring PRP-X200 Cation Exchange is a valuable addition to any laboratory setting. Designed to enhance chromatography processes, this guard column efficiently protects analytical columns from particulate matter and contaminants, consequently extending the lifespan of the primary column. The PRP-X200 resin-packed inside the guard column facilitates cation exchange, enabling precise separations and high-resolution results.

This guard column is particularly beneficial for analytical laboratories requiring reliable chromatographic separations for various applications, such as pharmaceutical, environmental, or biochemical analyses. It promotes optimal performance and ensures consistently accurate results by effectively removing interfering substances. Compatible with a range of systems, the Hamilton Analytical Guard Column offers versatility and convenience in maintaining the integrity of analytical columns, making it a trusted choice for chromatography experts.

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