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HC-75 (Ca+2) Cation Exchange HPLC Column, 7.8 x 300 mm, 9 um, Cation Exchange

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79436

HC-75 (Ca+2) Cation Exchange HPLC Column, 7.8 x 300 mm, 9 um, Cation Exchange

Product Description:

The HC-75 (Ca2+) cation exchange HPLC column by Hamilton is designed for analytical and preparative separation of cations in various samples. With dimensions of 7.8 x 300 mm and a particle size of 9 μm, this column offers high resolution and efficiency in cation exchange chromatography applications.

This column is ideal for use in research, pharmaceutical, environmental, and food testing laboratories where separation and analysis of cations such as calcium are crucial. The cation exchange mechanism facilitates the retention and elution of target analytes based on their interaction with the stationary phase, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

The Hamilton HC-75 cation exchange column is a valuable tool for scientists and researchers seeking to analyze cations with precision and speed. It is compatible with various HPLC systems, making it versatile for different laboratory setups. Invest in the Hamilton HC-75 (Ca2+) cation exchange HPLC column for your cation analysis needs and experience excellent chromatographic performance.

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