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PRP-X100 Anion Exchange HPLC Column, PEEK, 4.6 x 150 mm, 7 um, Anion Exchange

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CAT ID: 79665

MFR PART #: 79665

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Hamilton - HPLC Columns - 79665

PRP-X100 Anion Exchange HPLC Column, PEEK, 4.6 x 150 mm, 7 um, Anion Exchange

Product Description:

The PRP-X100 Anion Exchange HPLC Column by Hamilton is a high-quality column designed for ion exchange chromatography. With a size of 4.6 x 150 mm and a particle size of 7 um, this column is ideal for separating and analyzing anions with precision and efficiency. The column is made of durable PEEK material, ensuring longevity and chemical resistance.

This column is specifically tailored for anion exchange applications, offering reliable and consistent performance. It is suitable for various analytical and research laboratories working on diverse samples that require anion separation. The PRP-X100 column enables users to achieve sharp peaks and excellent resolution, ultimately leading to accurate and reproducible results.

Manufactured by Hamilton, a renowned name in the industry, this column guarantees quality and reliability for your chromatography needs. Invest in the PRP-X100 Anion Exchange HPLC Column to enhance your analytical capabilities and streamline your ion exchange chromatography processes.

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