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Accupet - EVO Starter STND

Evo + BenchMate XR Tips Starter Kit - Standard. Accupet Evos (AE-20, AE-200, AE-1000), BenchMate XR SLF Tips (XR-20-SLF, XR-200-SLF, XR-1250-SLF), and a Oxford BenchMate Pipette Stand (OB-S).

Product Description:

The Evo + BenchMate XR Tips Starter Kit - Standard by Accupet is designed to enhance your laboratory pipetting experience. This kit includes Accupet Evo pipettes (AE-20, AE-200, AE-1000) known for their precision and ergonomic design. The BenchMate XR SLF Tips (XR-20-SLF, XR-200-SLF, XR-1250-SLF) included in the kit ensure leak-free dispensing and accurate sample delivery.

With this starter kit, you will experience seamless compatibility between the Accupet Evos and BenchMate XR SLF Tips, resulting in efficient pipetting processes. The Oxford BenchMate Pipette Stand (OB-S) included in the kit provides a convenient storage solution for your pipettes, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Whether you are performing routine laboratory tasks or more complex experiments, the Evo + BenchMate XR Tips Starter Kit offers reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Upgrade your pipetting workflow with this comprehensive kit from Accupet.


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