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Accuhelp - Sero - Bundle25

BUNDLE- Accupet Accuhelp Controller, Orange (PH01-O) AND CELLTREAT Best Value Serological Pipettes, 25mL (229025B) 1 Case

Product Description:

The Accupet Accuhelp Controller in Orange (PH01-O) bundle with CELLTREAT Best Value Serological Pipettes (229025B) in a case offers a comprehensive solution for accurate liquid handling in laboratory settings. The Accuhelp Controller provides precise control over various pipetting functions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The bright orange color enhances visibility and adds a touch of vibrancy to the workspace.

Paired with the CELLTREAT Serological Pipettes, which have a volume capacity of 25mL, this bundle simplifies liquid transfers and measurements. The high-quality construction of the serological pipettes guarantees accuracy and efficiency during experiments or sample preparations. The case packaging provides convenient storage and organization, keeping the pipettes protected when not in use.

Ideal for laboratories, research facilities, or educational institutions, this bundle combines functionality with value. Improve your pipetting experience and streamline your workflow with the Accupet Accuhelp Controller and CELLTREAT Best Value Serological Pipettes.


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