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MHS-10L 220V/UK Plug - Magnetic Heat Stirrer - 10 place

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CAT ID: MHS-10L-220V

MFR PART #: MHS-10L-220V

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Weight: 2 lbs

Oxford Lab Products - MHS-10L-220V

MHS-10L 220V/UK Plug - Magnetic Heat Stirrer - 10 place

Product Description:

The MHS-10L Magnetic Heat Stirrer is a reliable laboratory tool designed for efficient mixing and heating of solutions. With 10 places for vessels, this stirrer offers versatility in various experimental setups. Operating at 220V with a UK plug, it ensures compatibility with standard laboratory power outlets.

This magnetic heat stirrer features a user-friendly interface for easy control of temperature and stirring speed, allowing for precise adjustments to meet specific application requirements. The magnetic stirring mechanism offers uniform mixing, while the heating function supports temperature ranges suitable for a wide range of experiments.

Ideal for laboratories conducting chemical, biological, or pharmaceutical research, the MHS-10L enhances workflow efficiency and accuracy in sample preparations, titrations, and other stirring applications. Its compact design saves valuable bench space, making it a practical choice for busy labs. Upgrade your laboratory capabilities with the MHS-10L Magnetic Heat Stirrer for reliable performance and consistent results.

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