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MS4 220V, UK Plug

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CAT ID: MS4-220V

MFR PART #: MS4-220V

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Oxford Lab Products - MS4-220V

MS4 220V, UK Plug

Product Description:

The Oxford Lab Products MS4 centrifuge is a powerful 220V unit designed for use with a UK plug. This centrifuge offers reliable performance and versatility for various laboratory applications. With its robust design, the MS4 can accommodate a range of tube sizes and styles, making it ideal for a wide array of research settings. The intuitive controls and digital display ensure easy operation and monitoring of speed and time settings.

Equipped with safety features such as imbalance detection and automatic lid lock, the MS4 centrifuge prioritizes user safety during operation. This centrifuge is suitable for applications including sample preparation, cell culture, and clinical research. Whether separating fluids, isolating samples, or performing routine centrifugation tasks, the Oxford Lab Products MS4 centrifuge delivers consistent results. Upgrade your lab with this reliable and efficient centrifuge that combines performance, convenience, and safety in one compact unit.

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