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Gilson - Pipette - PN-20

Pipetman Neo 1 Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette, 2-20 uL.

Product Description:

The Gilson Pipetman Neo 1 Channel Air-Displacement Micropipette in the 2-20 uL range is a precision tool designed for accurate and efficient liquid handling in various laboratory settings. With its ergonomic design and easy-to-use functionality, this micropipette ensures comfortable pipetting over extended periods of time, reducing user fatigue and increasing productivity.

The pipette features a reliable air-displacement system that allows for consistent and precise dispensing of microliter volumes, making it ideal for tasks that require high levels of accuracy. The volume range of 2-20 uL caters to a wide range of applications, from molecular biology to pharmaceutical research.

The Gilson Pipetman Neo is known for its durability and robust construction, guaranteeing long-term performance and reliability in demanding laboratory environments. It also offers easy maintenance and calibration, ensuring consistent results with every use.

Whether you are working in research, diagnostics, or quality control, this Gilson Pipetman Neo micropipette is a valuable tool that delivers accuracy, precision, and user-friendly operation for your liquid handling needs.


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