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Linear Stand FOR 6 PIPETTES, 1 unit, 1 unit/CS

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MFR PART #: 9420290

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Weight: 4 lbs

Thermo - Stand - TFN-ST6

Linear Stand FOR 6 PIPETTES, 1 unit, 1 unit/CS

Product Description:

The Thermo Fisher Linear Stand is designed to hold up to 6 pipettes securely in place. This stand provides a convenient and organized storage solution for your pipettes, keeping them easily accessible while not in use. The stand is compact and takes up minimal space on the laboratory bench, contributing to a tidy workspace.

With its sturdy construction, the stand offers stability and prevents the pipettes from accidentally tipping over. It is compatible with various brands and types of pipettes, making it a versatile addition to any laboratory setting.

By utilizing the Thermo Fisher Linear Stand, you can prolong the lifespan of your pipettes by storing them safely and preventing potential damage. This stand facilitates efficient workflow by keeping the pipettes within reach during experiments, ultimately enhancing productivity in the lab.

Invest in the Thermo Fisher Linear Stand to enhance organization, maintain the integrity of your pipettes, and streamline your pipetting processes.

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