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Ejector For P-200

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CAT ID: PE0200

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AccuPet - Accessories - PE0200

Ejector For P-200

Product Description:

The AccuPet Ejector designed for the P-200 pipette model ensures effortless and precise tip ejection, enhancing workflow efficiency in the laboratory. This ergonomic tool provides a comfortable grip for seamless operation, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use. Compatible specifically with the P-200 pipette, this ejector guarantees a secure fit and reliable performance, allowing for easy removal of disposable tips without the risk of contamination. Streamlining the pipetting process, this AccuPet Ejector aids in maintaining a sterile work environment, crucial for accurate and reproducible results in various lab applications. Upgrade your pipetting experience with the AccuPet Ejector for the P-200, a reliable accessory that promotes convenience and precision in pipette tip handling.

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