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O-ring for AP-10mL Pipette

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CAT ID: RP30155-1

MFR PART #: RP30155-1

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Weight: 5 lbs

AccuPet - Parts - RP30155-1

O-ring for AP-10mL Pipette

Product Description:

The AccuPet O-ring for the AP-10mL Pipette is a crucial component designed for ensuring a secure and tight seal within the pipette. Crafted with high-quality materials, this O-ring guarantees optimal performance and durability. It effectively prevents leaks and maintains the precision of the pipette, enhancing the overall accuracy of your experiments.

Compatible specifically with the AccuPet AP-10mL Pipette, this O-ring is easy to install, providing a hassle-free user experience. By replacing worn-out or damaged O-rings promptly, you can prolong the lifespan of your pipette and maintain consistent and reliable results in your laboratory work. Ensure smooth operation and reliable performance of your AccuPet AP-10mL Pipette by using the manufacturer-approved O-ring for seamless sealing functionality. Trust in AccuPet for precision, quality, and reliability in your lab equipment accessories.

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