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MyBath 12L Digital Water Bath, 230V

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CAT ID: B2000-12-E

MFR PART #: B2000-12-E

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Weight: 45 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - B2000-12-E

MyBath 12L Digital Water Bath, 230V

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific MyBath 12L Digital Water Bath, operating at 230V, offers precise temperature control for various laboratory applications. With a generous 12-liter capacity, this water bath accommodates a wide range of samples for heating, thawing, or other temperature-dependent procedures. The digital interface allows users to set and monitor temperatures accurately, ensuring reproducible results.

Equipped with a seamless stainless steel tank, the MyBath is not only durable but also easy to clean to prevent contamination between different experiments. The hinged lid of the water bath efficiently retains heat and minimizes evaporation, saving energy and maintaining temperature stability.

Ideal for microbiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology labs, the Benchmark Scientific MyBath 12L Water Bath provides a reliable and uniform heating environment for tubes, bottles, plates, and more. Whether for warming reagents or controlling incubation conditions, this digital water bath is a versatile tool essential for consistent and efficient lab work.


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