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MyBath 2L Digital Water Bath, 230V

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CAT ID: B2000-2-E

MFR PART #: B2000-2-E

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Weight: 29 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - B2000-2-E

MyBath 2L Digital Water Bath, 230V

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific MyBath 2L Digital Water Bath, operating at 230V, offers precise temperature control for a variety of laboratory applications. With a 2-liter capacity, this water bath is ideal for incubations, immersions, and other temperature-controlled experiments. The digital interface allows easy temperature adjustment and monitoring, ensuring accuracy within a range suitable for sensitive experiments. The compact design saves valuable bench space while providing a reliable and uniform distribution of heat. The Benchmark Scientific MyBath 2L is a versatile and essential tool for tasks such as warming reagents, coliform testing, and bacteriological examinations. Trust in this digital water bath for consistent performance and results in your lab.


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