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MyBath 4L Digital Water Bath, 230V

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CAT ID: B2000-4-E

MFR PART #: B2000-4-E

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Weight: 29 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - B2000-4-E

MyBath 4L Digital Water Bath, 230V

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific MyBath 4L Digital Water Bath provides reliable water heating for laboratory applications. Operating at 230V, this water bath offers a spacious 4-liter capacity for accommodating various vessels. The digital display allows for easy monitoring and precise temperature settings ranging from ambient +5°C to 100°C.

Designed for efficiency and convenience, the MyBath water bath features a stainless steel chamber for uniform heat distribution and a hinged see-through lid to maintain temperature stability while allowing observation of samples. The user-friendly interface ensures straightforward operation, while the compact footprint saves valuable bench space in the laboratory.

Ideal for incubation, culture, enzyme reactions, and other temperature-sensitive experiments, the Benchmark Scientific MyBath 4L Digital Water Bath is a versatile addition to any lab setting. With its durable construction and temperature accuracy, this water bath guarantees consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for research, academic, and industrial laboratories.


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