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Test Tube rack for 41 x 15 ml tubes

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CAT ID: B2000-4-T150

MFR PART #: B2000-4-T150

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Weight: 10 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - B2000-4-T150

Test Tube rack for 41 x 15 ml tubes

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rack is designed to securely hold 41 x 15 ml tubes, offering a convenient solution for organizing and storing tubes in the laboratory. Made with durable materials, this rack provides stability and support for the tubes during various applications such as storage, transport, or incubation.

With its compact design, the Test Tube Rack helps save precious space on the benchtop while ensuring easy access to the tubes when needed. The numbered cavities enable users to quickly locate specific tubes for efficient workflow management.

Ideal for use in research, diagnostic, and clinical laboratories, the Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rack promotes organization and prevents accidental spills or contamination of samples. Whether you are handling samples for testing, processing, or analysis, this rack enhances productivity by keeping your work area tidy and your tubes securely in place.

Invest in the Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rack for a reliable and practical solution to your laboratory tube storage needs.


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