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Accuris IsoPure 96, Automated Purification System, 230V

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CAT ID: AP1096-E

MFR PART #: AP1096-E

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Weight: 140 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - Lab Equipment - AP1096-E

Accuris IsoPure 96, Automated Purification System, 230V

Product Description:

The Accuris IsoPure 96 Automated Purification System is a reliable tool designed for efficient DNA and RNA purification processes in laboratory settings. Operating at 230V, this system streamlines purification with its automated functions, ensuring consistent and high-quality results. The system can process up to 96 samples simultaneously, increasing productivity and saving valuable time for researchers.

With the Accuris IsoPure 96, users can expect precision and accuracy due to its advanced technology and user-friendly interface. This automated system eliminates manual errors, providing reproducible purification outcomes essential for scientific experiments and research projects. The system is ideal for various applications such as genotyping, gene expression analysis, and sequencing library preparation.

Experience enhanced workflow and streamlined purification with the Accuris IsoPure 96 Automated Purification System. It is a dependable solution for laboratories focusing on molecular biology research, offering efficiency, convenience, and reliability in DNA and RNA purification processes.

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