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384 well block for TC9639, each

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CAT ID: T5000-SP-384

MFR PART #: T5000-SP-384

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Weight: 15 lbs

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Benchmark Scientific - Lab Equipment - T5000-SP-384

384 well block for TC9639, each

Product Description:

The Benchmark Scientific 384 well block designed for the TC9639 thermal cycler model is an essential accessory for high-throughput PCR applications. This block enables the simultaneous processing of up to 384 samples, maximizing efficiency in the laboratory. The design ensures precise and uniform heat distribution across all wells, guaranteeing reliable and reproducible results.

Crafted with durable materials, this 384 well block offers excellent temperature stability and is compatible with various PCR reagents and samples. The block is easy to install and remove, facilitating quick workflow transitions. Ideal for research facilities, diagnostic labs, and academic institutions requiring large sample volumes, this 384 well block enhances productivity without compromising on experimental quality.

Upgrade your TC9639 thermal cycler with the Benchmark Scientific 384 well block to streamline your PCR workflows and increase your experimental throughput significantly. This high-quality block is a valuable addition for labs engaged in PCR, genotyping, gene expression analysis, and other molecular biology applications demanding high-capacity sample processing.

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